4 Ways to Overcome Problems of Domestic Violence

The way to overcome the problem of domestic violence is to do a role between each family member properly. Many things that cause domestic violence between homes cannot be tranquilizers and liver custody. A house that brings peace to its members will make a peaceful heart in the house. The harmonious family characteristics of family members comfort one another.
Communication that works well will not make its members easily provoked by emotion. In cases of domestic violence often occur because of emotional intelligence that is not able to be controlled properly. Parents are responsible for the emotional intelligence of their children. That is harmonious family tips. Many domestic violence conflicts occur because of various fields.

• Economy
• Social
• Children
• Education
• Faith

The dominant factors that are found are many causes of domestic violence, namely the economy. Both established families and poor families were found to be domestic violence cases. As a result of domestic violence is not a trivial matter, kamatian can be a cause of violence. Children are also at risk of experiencing psychiatric disorders resulting from trauma. The way to overcome violence in the household is to do prevention. The following are things that can be done to prevent domestic violence by embedding sakinah family.

1. Families Must Practice the Doctrine of True Religion
The way to overcome the problem of domestic violence is to provide true religious education facilities. True religion will calm children and families when facing problems. Many families are easily emotional when their hearts are not peaceful, not calm, not close to God. The family must counsel each other and remind in kindness. This will create a harmonious family. When difficult or happy to do together is a happy family tips.

2. Educating Parents Not by Saying Rough or Violence
The way to overcome the problem of domestic violence is children’s emotional education. Wise parents will not commit violence on children. Children need parental affection not actions that can damage the mental and physical. Children with rough education tend to be hard, rude and rebellious. So planting the seeds of an extraordinary figure starts with the family. Violence is not a way of fostering a family

3. Communication well
The way to deal with domestic violence is through effective communication. Every family must know how to communicate properly and well. Fellow parents must be good at communicating well and at the best time. A wife cannot tell of a serious problem when a husband is tired of going home from work. Fatigue will make the husband easy to emotion. Parents must be smart in knowing the best moments to communicate with each other. This will make the relationship between fellow parents smooth. Compact parents will form a family that is also compact.

4. Mediation and Reducing Selfishness
Fellow parents often have differences of opinion. This will trigger a debate or argument. Parents must be careful when fighting. Parents should not involve the child when a fight occurs. This will disturb the child’s mental and mind. Parents also should immediately introspect each other and lower their respective egos after the fight is over.